The template projets do not work

Hi, I started to learn Solidity by examples in Ethereum Studio. Everything worked fine, but some day (maybe after some updates), the sample projects stopped working. For example the Hello World project:

  • I can create and open a new project based on Hello World template
  • It is also possible to compile and to deploy the contract
  • Direct interaction with the contract through the leftside panel also works fine, I can change the message and I see the transactions in the right side “Transactions” panel.
  • But: the preview pane doesn’t show the values - the values in the Message and Block number fields are empty. As the script wouldn’t have acces to the contract in blockchain.

It seems that the java script in app.js cannot somehow access the contract. In the console window of the browser there is no error message. The call to the contract by this.instance.message() is called from within the app.js script, but no response comes from the blockhain contract. And therefore nothing is shown in the preview pane.

I tried different browsers and I tried also on another computer.
Nothing has helped.

Can you help please?

Hi Will!

Yes, we can reproduce the issue from our side. Let us have a quick look and see what might be happening there. Thanks for reporting it!

Oks, we found the route of the cause. The web3provider for production for some reason got miss-cofingured during the last deployment and is expecting the origin to be localhost:4000

if (event.origin.indexOf('localhost:4000') < 0) {

Seems like some .env variable was not correctly replaced. We are working on the fix and should be fix soon


So we just deployed the fix into production and everything seems to be working once again. Please check it out and let us know if you encounter any other issue.

Thanks so much once again!

Hi Jatargo,
thank you much for fixing it.