Optional chaining - do not highlight as an error


I am not sure if I should post it as feature or bug because optional chaining is a new feature of JS.
It works in Studio but has a notification about it - like you can see below:


Here is a demo code in studio that has this notification.

Hi @hakier!

Thanks for sharing the issue. Under the hood, we are using the Monaco editor. I just had a quick look at their online editor (https://microsoft.github.io/monaco-editor/index.html) and seems to be fully supported, so we might be able to get rid of the issue by bumping the editor’s version.

I opened a feature request in the repository and added it to the next batch of work we will be working on in the next few weeks.


Great news! Thanks @jatargo!

Hi @hakier!

So I personally had sometime and updated the Monaco version to the latest 0.20.0 which fixes this issue. The PR is already done and waiting for review. The fix should be in prod soon!

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Hi @hakier!

So the update is deployed and live! :slight_smile: Thank you once again for reaching out and bringing up the suggestion!

Great news, thanks @jatargo !

BTW. Topic can be closed