JS private properties and methods are not supported

This feature are experimental (stage 3) but it would be nice to add them in near feature.

Here is a demo code in studio that has this error.

Info from MDN web docs about private fields and methods:

Both Public and private field declarations are an experimental feature (stage 3) proposed at TC39, the JavaScript standards committee.

Support in browsers is limited, but the feature can be used through a build step with systems like Babel

Hi @hakier!

I had no idea such feature was actually coming to JS! That it seems awesome!

In regards to supporting Javascript experimental features, as long as Monaco editor does not support it, atm there is not much more we can do.

Of course, we will monitor the Monaco editor project to see when those new JS features get officially supported and update to the newest version once they do.

Thanks for the suggestion and keep them coming! :slight_smile:

I understand. Just wanted to point out what is missing.