How can you make objects like contracts?

Hey could someone please tell me how to make objects like contracts. I want to select any contract in my project using Contracts[‘contractName’]. This object is used in superBlocks templates could anyone tell me how they implement it or where I can see it’s implementation?

The global Contracts object exposes all the available (deployed) contracts.

Take the Hello World template as example:
Contracts['HelloWorld'] will be accessible via app.js after having deployed HelloWorld.sol. Additional deployments will get added to that same object.

Another example:
New File named AnotherWorld.sol containing a valid contract definition:

contract AnotherWorld { ...

After Deploy , Contracts will now list both HelloWorld and AnotherWorld .

Considering that, something like the following could be a way of constructing a valid web3 contract instance:

var HelloWorld = web3.eth.contract(Contracts['HelloWorld'].abi);
var instance =['HelloWorld'].address);