Change Builds - Configuration Scripts

Changing build scripts after initial configuration in UI will help people experiment and change more fast if an error occur.

Hi @Axe!

Thanks for posting! Do you mean to be able to directly edit the configuration YAML in the dashboard directly? If that is the case, it is already in the pipeline along with YAML support for the editor :slight_smile:


Hi @Axe!

So finally we just shipped the possibility to edit your build scripts directly in the UI and added support for YAML inside the Monaco editor.

To start editing your CI script directly in the UI, inside your build pipeline lists, click the Edit Pipeline button, and voila, now you will be able to edit the script directly in the UI and push it as a new commit into the repository.

Please let us know if you have any other requests and thanks again for the feedback!

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Nice! I will try this new feature! Thanks