Automated DApp generator question

To whom it may concern,
I really like what this project represents. One of the great features that Etherscan has is making a DApp from the smart contracts once the code as well as the ABI is provided. However, it lacks the option to export the DApp to a source-code where we can run all the tweaks we need. Without the custom branding, and ability to include into our web-page design, it simply does not look professional.

Furthermore, creating a DApp is not an easy task if someone has no front-end coding experience, and there are many issues that I have encountered making a simple DApp with Javascript+Node+React (or Vue).

Could we expect something like Etherscan DApp generator in the future where we can simply generate the source code, download it, tweak it to project standards and deploy ?


Thank you very much for reaching out.

Later on we will be opening up Studio for public networks, and then the dapp can be downloaded preconfigured already for that network and the contracts.

But, right now Studio only supports an internal browser network and downloading it is not available because the preconfiguration is not valid outside of that browser session, since the deployed contracts only exist in the browser EVM, temporarily.

However, the contracts can be exported from Studio and be put in a dapp framework such as Truffle and then deployed using the CI release management service.

You are welcome, please notify when this becomes available, I would gladly offer my coding and testing skills.

Sounds good :slight_smile:
There should come out a roadmap for Studio, but no exact date yet though.