About Coin.Sol and Others

I’m new here. Would like to ask the following:

  1. This is for New Coin creation and it can transfer to Wallet like ETH Wallet? And in the ETH Wallet, they can receive the transfer as in ETH?

  2. In that Coin.sol, all I have to do is to name my Coin and provide the ETH Wallet will do?

  3. Is there possible for me to download or fork with Oracle Smart Contract from Github?

Appreciate your reply, thanks.

Hi @jsim77!

Sorry for the suuuper late reply but somehow the notifications went bananas and we didn’t get properly notified of the new message.

I am not 100% sure I follow but remember that the Coin.sol in fact is not an ERC-20 token, but a super simple way to mint a new coin.

If you would like to create a coin which can we exchanged and follows the standard, I would recommend to look into this ERC-20 token standard: